Guest Reviews

Während unseres Aufenthalts in Namibia waren wir auf Empfehlung von Matiti Safaris, speziell unserer Ansprechpartnerin Sonja von Lieres, zwei Tage in Ihrer Kapika Lodge.
Die Anlage - im wahrsten Sinn herausragend auf dem Hügel.
Zu der Leitung, die Sie zu recht an Simon übertragen haben, möchten wir sie herzlich beglückwünschen.
Buchhaltung, Organisation und besonders seine Kochkünste sind bei ihm in besten Händen.
Diese beste Empfehlung haben wir dann zur Bestätigung an Sonja von Matiti Safari zurückgegeben.

Meine Frau und ich wünschen Ihnen hoffentlich beste Gesundheit und in allen Entscheidungen eine so glückliche Hand wie die mit Simon in Epupa

- Erich Rädlein


Very beautiful place on top of the waterfalls, quiet and clean. Very good food.

- Hermann Schreiber


We stayed 2 nights at Epupa Lodge and loved our time there. (April 2012) Pam works tirelessly to ensure her guests are happy and well taken care of. Simon, the lodge manager is sweet and wonderful. The meals were fantastic - some of our best. We highly recommend Epupa Lodge.

- Lucy S via TripAdvisor

Basalt, Colorado

We stayed 2 nights in this delightful Lodge from total relaxation. We were two families with 4 kids and from the moment we walked the reception was excellent and warm. The bungalows are simple but comfortable and the pool area is very beautiful recently renovated. The five green dots are certainly justified also by the kindness of the staff in setting the table for dinner (with candles and very romantic), the warm focaccia served as an aperitif around the roaring log Boma and in general the attention paid to us confidential. Also good breakfast served on the outdoor patio with stunning views of the Kunene River.

- fabrigigi via TripAdvisor

We spent 2 nights at this lodge. Simon serves excellent tasty and hearty cuisine. Every morning, the evening menu is displayed and is always enticing. The lodge consists of spacious bungalows, clean and quite modern. The place is located on the hill overlooking the Epupa. We made a game Himba, the sunsetdowner and crocodile walk. We would not have wanted to be elsewhere because the reception was perfect and the organization of the games and all the rest (kindness, availability ... schnapps and the Jack Russell).

The small pool comes right in time to heat peaks. The on the falls were beautiful because they were over two weeks before (not to hesitate with the help of a local crossing where you need to really reach the edge the falls); The track from Opuwo is pleasant and charming kind. Do not hesitate to make the trip that is worth it.

- curiosi1

Liège, Belgium

The Lodge is brand new and very well maintained. The chalets are spacious and clean. There is light but no electrical outlets in the rooms - for charging the various electric. Devices can go into the reception. The view of the Kunene is wonderful. The staff is very nice and tried hard, excellent kitchen. We were there two nights - great dinner - breakfast as well.

- ReMaFr

Graz, Austria

You get to Epupa Falls after 180 km of road in good condition very challenging but full of pitfalls, the scenery is beautiful and you meet a lot of people and animals. The field is on top of a hill so the view of the falls is truly priceless, the lady who runs the camp is a volcano of cordiality, strength and determination. The chalets are very large is bizarre, the bathroom is "open space" the light is very little but good food and friendly staff along with stunning views make the discomfort of the lack of privacy absolute minimum. The Himba population is very interesting

- dottdona

Turin, Italy